#01: Winter on Lošinj


I made it a tradition to spend a few weeks in February/March at the coast where my parents live. One of the positives to come out of the pandemic.

It still amazes me what the difference is in the amount of people between winter and summer here, and the effect it has on the local population. I’ve come to prefer coming in winter months where you'll barely meet anyone wherever you go over the summer crowds. Locals would tell you it's depressing how empty it is, and younger people will complain how little there is to do. But as a semi-domesticated outsider coming from the city, my perspective is different. I guess we tend to think different to what we are used to is somehow better.

The key advantage of winter here are less fog and a slightly warmer climate compared to Zagreb, making it easier to spend time outdoors. If you're into running, hiking, cycling without too much traffic around you, or just taking a walk, enjoying the views and soaking in the winter sun this is a great time of year to be here. And of course, photography goes well with all of that.

Dramatic landsapes

View from Osoršćica

The weather can be unpredictable at this time of year. But that’s great from a photographic perspective.

Hiking up the Osoršćica is a must for me, no matter how many times I’ve done it already. The views are especially great after a few days of the dry Bura wind as visibility improves. On really clear days, you can see all the way to Italy, like in the cover image here.

In this case, to add to the dramatic scenes, I managed to break my camera slightly as the sudden gust of wind knocked over my tripod.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Mali Lošinj in the fog

The day was dull, gray, foggy, with the sun trying to push through a few times. I was hoping for it to show up a little here but was out of luck this time.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Bura in Nerezine port

Cold Bura wind knocking against the breakwaters, and carrying the spray.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Veli Osir

The sky blends into the sea

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Island life


A local fishing in Mali Lošinj. It’s usually squid (calamari) season this time of year.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev


They are ever present. And go from curious to frightened in the space of as second.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Blue vs Red

The cold mountains under snow, as a contrast to the smoke coming from the warmth of the fireplace inside.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

The flowers


Not everything is in full spring mode yet. But even in the coldest months, there’s some color starting to appear.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

Almonds in blossom

Their cousin Cherry tends to get all the attention, but almonds can be just as beautiful in their subtle pink.

#01: Winter on Lošinj - hlev

For some more photos, take a look at the album on Flickr.

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